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Patients Online

  • Quote Dr Su is a gifted surgeon”

    Dr Su is a gifted surgeon. After years of pain and discomfort, I went to Dr Su who advised me for a total knee replacement. Well it was the best decision of my life. Dr Su has given me my life back. No pain, no complications, walking with cane two weeks after surgery. I can't thank Dr Su enough!

    By - RR, after TKR
  • Quote You did a brilliant job on the knee”

    It has been 4 months since the knee replacement and all is well. Am back on the golf course and walk 2 1/2 miles a day when not golfing and hardly notice the knee at all! You did a brilliant job on the knee

    By - DD, after TKR
  • Quote My strength is better than ever. My legs are more powerful than ever. I feel incredible….”

    Just wanted to give you a quick update as to how I’m feeling.

    In a word, GREAT!!! I can’t believe how good I feel. As I wrote in one of the reviews , I feel as though I’m 30 again. incredible flexibility and range of motion. I’m 100% back, to a level that just a few months ago was only a dream . Even running and sprinting are no problem. I’m jumping hurdles in class, jumping boxes, doing 360′s on a snowboard, active yoga , and I feel incredible.

    The trip to Whistler, which was the day after our visit ( at week 12)  was awesome. I was riding with a group of friends who are all expert, and managed to keep up with them, not slowing them down. I’ll send you some video which I shot, going through deep powder in  very steep glades and down extreme couloirs.  However, in the 4 weeks since then,  I can feel an even greater improvement.  It’s crazy. I’m getting thru very challenging movements in yoga with ease, something that was not possible a month ago. My strength is better than ever. My legs are more powerful than ever.

    In two weeks I’m off again,to snowboard at Silverton CO, a mountain which is all extreme and technical, only for advanced skiers and riders. Guided only. It requires a lot of hiking at altitudes above 12,000ft.  I’m so ready and can’t wait. 

    I can’t thank you enough for what you did. When people see me, they’re not only so  impressed at how quickly I’ve recovered. But they’re in awe of the procedure and how well it works. February 2014

    By - GD, bilateral hip resurfacings
  • Quote Dr. Su is very much in demand and fully deserves to be.”

    Dr.Su performed two total hip replacements for me nine months apart in 2007. On October 10, 2013, he performed a total knee replacement. I was never pressured to have any of these surgeries. I have recovered very quickly and relatively pain free from all three operations and have never has any post-operative difficulties. I am 72 years of age and will be playing golf again less than 4 months after my recent knee replacement. He is a young surgeon which was a plus for me since he has been trained in all the latest technology and procedures. I am admittedly biased but I don’t think there is a better hip and knee surgeon. Dr. Su is very much in demand and fully deserves to be. In addition to being a superb surgeon, he is also a wonderful person. January 2014

    By - DD, Bilateral total hip replacements, left total knee replacement
  • Quote Not only is he a highly skilled surgeon, but his manner is also outstanding!”

    I would use Dr. Su again in a heartbeat. He resurfaced my hip in December 2006 and I hardly ever notice it. I am very active, practicing yoga, running, playing rugby, skiing, etc. Dr. Su is known as one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the country and his reputation is well deserved. He is incredible. Not only is he a highly skilled surgeon, but his manner is also outstanding. He truly cares about his patients.  November 2013

    By - JT, hip resurfacing
  • Quote Everything from beginning to end has gone as well as I could’ve ever expected”

    Had my left hip resurfaced about eight months ago by Dr. Su; everything from beginning to end has gone as well as I could’ve ever expected, and I’m looking forward to skiing again starting the end of this month. Dr. Su and his entire staff were nothing but wonderful. I would recommend him to anyone thinking about having this procedure. January 2014

    By - SP, hip resurfacing
  • Quote I was back to work full-time in 5 weeks and I don’t have a desk job”

    I had bilateral hip resurfacing 3/2012 by Dr Su. I have been meaning to write for so long. I am take a spin class 3xweek. I am able to do things I haven’t been able to do in years. I was back to work fulltime in 5 weeks and I don’t have a desk job. I wanted other patients to know who are considering the same procedure how wonderful I did and how great the hospital and staff are. Thank you!

    By - KH, bilateral hip resurfacings
  • Quote Even my lower back has been feeling great”

    I am now 5 years 2 months bilateral post op and no issues. Even my lower back has been feeling great. Today I raced my 10 year old son around the block on bicycle. I am always impressed how strong my hips feel pedaling uphill.

    By - VD, bilateral hip resurfacings


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